Mindy Kaling speaks onstage at Hulu’s Upfront Presentation on Wednesday. “The Mindy Project” ends its season on May 6. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Hulu)

Unfortunately we  had to cancel today’s “What to Watch” (today being Thursday, May 1) chat after an upgrade to our server this morning went slightly awry.

But! Jessica, the very smart overseer of all things chat-related here at The Washington Post, was able to save the questions that were waiting in the queue. Alas, we lost every single “Poirot” question and will not be able to talk “Poirot” in any way whatsoever. I’ll answer a few of the questions we rescued here and we’ll resume chat life as normal next Thursday, May 8 (and every Thursday) at noon.

Vikings and SHIELD: Any news on these shows coming back next year? Hubby and I just did a marathon of (“Marvel’s Agents of) S.H.I.E.L.D.” and it’s just so…good, if you love the franchise. And “Vikings” … I forget I love it, then watch an episode and remember how engrossing it is.

Hank Stuever: I feel pretty sure that ABC will renew “S.H.I.E.L.D.,” though we’ll know for sure in another week or two. And, yes, “Vikings” is renewed for Season 3 and I couldn’t be more pleased. (Although I thought this current season may have dragged, it’s certainly picked up since [SPOILER!] a certain someone got the eagle treatment. Anyhow, the season finale is TONIGHT. I haven’t seen it yet, so I know where I’ll be at 10.)

Film Locations: I was flipping around on cable in the middle of the night and stumbled across film credits with many Romanian names. It turned out that the film concerned was a little something called “The Girls Guide to Depravity” which takes place in Chicago. I checked around on the IMDB and found that Life On Top, another soft core epic that takes place in New York, was also filmed in Bucharest. I am not making any editorial comment on this; I just find it odd and interesting.

Hank Stuever: Try to imagine this phone call: “Hi Mom, I’m off to Romania to shoot a soft-core film for cable. I’ll be back in four weeks. Don’t worry!”

Lots and lots of stuff is shot in Romania, not just the naughty stuff. History’s “Hatfields & McCoys,” which takes place in West Virginia and Tennessee, was shot there too. It must be really, really cheap to make films there. (As if our state legislatures aren’t already giving away the store to film and TV producers with all these tax breaks.)

On Demand FF: You can sort of FF on On Demand shows where FF is disabled. Just hit the “Page Up” button and it goes forward 10 minutes (used to be 5, but they fixed that), then hit the (I don’t know what it’s called) button with the curved arrow which backs it up 5 minutes. Then rewind for one minute (or less depending upon how many commercials they have). Only takes a second.

Hank Stuever: Uh, this does not sound all that easy to me, but thanks for the tip. I’m perfectly happy to check my tweets during the (shorter, anyhow) On Demand commercial breaks.

Hey, I just discovered your chat…: And I’d like to offer a suggestion. With live sports, I set the DVR and tune in right about when halftime would be. For example, a college basketball game that starts at 7 will have halftime at about 8. I tune in from the beginning and watch the whole game in about 70 minutes. It’s even better when you can watch the interminable last minute in about a minute.

Hank Stuever: I think a lot of people do this (not just for sports), unless they want to participate in the simultaneous reactions everyone’s having to the game as it’s played live.

May sweeps now in April? Whats up with all the season finales in April? Did the May sweeps move?

Hank Stuever: Well, a few of the series have wrapped up — making room for early-summer event series, specials, burn-offs — but my calendar shows plenty of finales remain. Behold**:

Sunday, May 4: Resurrection

Monday, May 5: 2 Broke Girls

Tuesday, May 6: New Girl; The Mindy Project

Wednesday, May 7:  CSI

Thursday, May 8: Two and a Half Men

Friday, May 9: Hawaii Five-0; Blue Bloods

Sunday, May 11: Once Upon a Time; Revenge

Monday, May 12: The Blacklist; Castle; Bones

Tuesday, May 13: Glee; Chicago Fire; Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Goldbergs; Trophy Wife; NCIS; NCIS: Los Angeles; Person of Interest

Wednesday, May 14: Revolution; Suburgator; Nashville; Criminal Minds

Thursday, May 15: Grey’s Anatomy; The Big Bang Theory; The Millers; Elementary; Surviving Jack

Friday, May 16: Grimm; Shark Tank;

Sunday, May 18: The Amazing Race; The Good Wife; The Mentalist; Bob’s Burgers; The Simpsons; American Dad; Family Guy

Monday, May 19: Mike & Molly

Tuesday, May 20: The Voice; Dancing With the Stars; American Idol — part 1

Wednesday, May 21: Law & Order: SVU; Chicago P.D.; The Middle; Modern Family; Mixology; Survivor; American Idol — part 2

Friday, May 23: Hannibal

Sunday, June 8: Cosmos

**I didn’t have time to go through and double-check every last one of these — I just cut-n-pasted them from a master working list that we keep in-house — but I’ll bet most of them are right! Check your listings before you make any special arrangements.

Okay, that’s all the questions we had as the doomed chat was taxiing down the runway for takeoff. We’ll get the kinks worked out and see you next Thursday!