Noelle Garcia Carmona (center) with members of the New Ballet Ensemble and NBE students LeAnthony Douglas and Justin Stewart in “Harlem,” commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra for their NEW MOVES festival and premiered on Saturday night. (Photo by Scott Suchman.)

A tip to online readers of the Washington Post: the “Music” tab on the website is a way to find all of our music coverage, including recent classical music reviews that may not have made it into the print edition of the paper.

Monday’s Post certainly included a lot of classical reviews; on-line, you can find others, including ones that will run in Tuesday’s paper, that round out the collage of snapshots of an eventful weekend.

Concerts included the second of three programs in the National Symphony Orchestra’s NEW MOVES festival combining choreography and an orchestra concert (“to what ultimate end, I’m still unsure,” Robert Battey writes); a concert of 20th-century music by the violinist Joanna Kurcowicz; the finale of the PostClassical Ensemble’s celebration of Silvestre Revueltas (“the strongest possible argument for Revueltas as someone to be taken seriously in the concert hall,” says Joan Reinthaler); “Nabucco” at the Lyric Opera of Baltimore (“blemishes aside, a rousing evening of Verdi,” according to Tom Huizenga); what Stephen Brookes called the “distinctive poetic imagination” of the pianist Martin Helmchen; the Mendelssohn Piano Trio at the Smithsonian American Art Museum; and a return to the Kreeger Museum by the St. Lawrence Quartet.

In addition, I enjoyed Andrew Lindemann Malone’s piece on DMV Classical on what it takes for the NSO timpanist Jauvon Gilliam to play eight timpani in the fiendishly difficult concerto he played with the NSO on Saturday night; and Charles T. Downey offered a supplemental view of Helmchen on IonArts.

There were a number of other significant concerts we weren’t able to review – a reflection of the ever-increasing wealth of concerts in the Greater DC region. Feel free to weigh in with your impressions of anything we didn’t cover – or of anything that we did!