I love witnessing a performance. Whether it’s jamming rock guitarists or powerful athletes, I love acknowledging and celebrating their efforts. I rise to my feet, clap and yell. Sometimes I turn to the people seated behind me and look at them apologetically for blocking their view, though I am really thinking, “Why aren’t you standing, too?” This winter I shot a variety of events, from concerts to church services, where there was a likelihood that those in attendance would rise in ovation—for a favorite song or a dramatic goal, or in church, to acknowledge the spirit of their god moving them. I wanted to capture that dynamic so viewers could have a sense of what they’d see turning side to side or perhaps looking directly behind them. I blended multiple exposures, made while rotating my camera on a tripod to create a seamless composition. I wanted to encapsulate a sense of the venue and the relationship between the audience and the action in front of them. The joy of receiving, combined with the joy of giving back.

Sam Kittner

Above – 9:30 CLUB: Kongos bassist Dylan Kongos and brother drummer Jesse Kongos soak up the fans’ excitement at a show in February. Two other Kongos brothers, Johnny and Daniel, round out the alt-rock band from South Africa. This image is a composite of five blended exposures.

KISHI BASHI CONCERT: The indie pop musician and his string quartet perform at Sixth & I Synagogue in Washington in February.

Panoramic crowd scenes from events in the Washington, DC area.COMMUNITY PRAISE CHURCH: The congregation is moved to its feet in praise during a Saturday morning service in Alexandria, Va. in February.

STATE OF THE UNION: President Obama acknowledges astronaut Scott Kelly at the U.S. Capitol in January.

DeMATHA HIGH SCHOOL: Students revel in their team’s victory over Gonzaga High School on February 4, 2015.

WASHINGTON CAPITALS GAME: Fans cheer as the Caps try to launch a comeback against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Verizon Center in late February.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article gave the wrong day of the week for the service at Community Praise Church.