Kojo Nnamdi, Host of WAMU’s “The Kojo Nnamdi show”

What’s your Favorite dive bar?

“The Hitching Post, on the corner of Upshur and Rock Creek Church Road, right across from the Soldiers’ Home. I’ve lived around there for 40 years. I had been driving by it for years, and one day about 25 years ago I stopped in. The atmosphere was so welcoming, I’ve been back two or three times a week ever since. The food is great. There’s a bunch of regulars, some of whom are well over 80. It’s been expanding recently, both in terms of demographics and age. It looks like a house. It also looks like a place where people might have once hitched up horses.”

Place to see theater

“The Studio Theatre. Part of it has to do with the kind of fare they present. A lot of it is groundbreaking theater you see for the first time. But the main reason is the location. Joy Zinoman, the founding director, and I had one thing in common: We both had our cars fixed at Petrovich Auto Repair. It was run by three Brazilian brothers, and it was located at 14th Street NW — exactly where the Studio is now. It’s how Joy knew about the location! There’s a lot of nostalgia about Joy and the Petrovich brothers there. I spent a lot of happy hours there, talking about soccer while they worked on my car.”

Dana Bash, Chief congressional correspondent for CNN

Place to hear political gossip

“Honestly, one of the best places is the little subway car that runs between the Capitol and the office buildings.”

Place to have a business lunch

“Bistro Bis because it’s good atmosphere and close to both places where I spend most of my time, CNN and the Capitol. I like Charlie Palmer for the same reason.”

Place to see wildlife not at the National Zoo

“I do it every day. I cover Capitol Hill.”

Mike Isabella, Chef and owner of Graffiato, Kapnos and G.

Place to get dressed up for

“I do have a boring life sometimes. I love to get dressed up, but it doesn’t happen too often. Every year whether it’s for our anniversary or for a birthday, me and my wife love to go to Marcel’s. The service [is] impeccable. They can pick you up in a car, then you go to the bar, have some champagne, do their tasting menu and then you can have a drink in the bar after, a bourbon or something. Then they will give you car service home if you’d like.”

Hotel bar

“I would probably say the Jefferson, at the Quill. It has a nice drink program; it’s small, intimate, quiet, and if you need a snack there is good food from the kitchen. We’ll stay there for a staycation sometimes instead of going home.”

Place to get a meal under $25

“I like ethnic food, and so I would say Daikaya. The chef there makes the best ramen around. For a beer and a bowl of ramen, you are under $20.”

Donna Edwards, U.S. Representative (D-Md.)

Place to get a meal under $25

“The new barbecue barbeque place on Connecticut Avenue√, Fat Pete’s. My son could afford to take me there! You can eat with your fingers and lick your fingers. How could you eat barbecue with a fork?

Festival you never miss

Smithsonian Folklife Festival. “I’ve gone every year since we moved here when I was 17. It’s a place you can take your kids, your mom and a date. But not at the same time — very, very important.”

Larry Klayman, Activist Lawyer

Place that prompts an American history moment

“The Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson’s my favorite. He believed in liberty and freedom. He was anti-government, he was anti-federalist. He said: When the people fear the government, there’s tyranny. When the government fears the people, there’s liberty.”

Live music venue that features local artists

“Blues Alley. I like the intimate setting. I was there a couple months ago. It’s small, it’s like a coffeehouse. You’re right up against the musicians. You can get some food. A time gone by.”

Pizza place

“Il Canale in Georgetown. I like thin crust. There’s a big picture of Hillary [Clinton] when you walk in. I try to look in the other direction so I don’t get indigestion.”

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

Place that prompts an American history moment

“The Jefferson Memorial has special meaning for me. I first visited it in 1960 as a student at the Catholic University of America and later wrote a graduate school thesis there on our ‘philosopher-president.’ ”

Spot for when you need to laugh or cry

“The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is the place I go when I feel the need either to rejoice or to lament. It is filled with small, beautiful, evocative chapels that respond to any and every mood.”

Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the United States

Place that prompts an American history moment

“The Lincoln Memorial, and reading the Gettysburg Address. It is a remarkable piece of language — easier to read and digest than the second inaugural address, which is on the other side of the wall.”

Old restaurant

“The Tabard Inn. It has an English pub style and is always full of fun and interesting people.”

Place to hear political gossip

“Around my dining table.”

Weekend getaway

“You must be joking.”

Nadine Duplessy Kearns, President of AccessED

Festival you never miss

“Passport DC! All the open houses up and down Embassy Row. We love that. Each one is like visiting a different country. … I’m from Haiti, and that embassy is one of my favorite places in D.C. I moved to the States when I was 11 … and that embassy is how I stay connected to my home country.”

 Place to make yourself smarter

“Politics & Prose, every time. We can go for hours. It’s deadly, because we wind up buying all these books! My husband calls me a book groupie, because whenever there’s an author I like coming to town, there’s going to be a picture of me standing next to them.”

Steven Knapp, President of George Washington University

Place that prompts an American history moment

“The Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, because of the way you go through the various phases of his career. Or: My house used to be the F Street Club√ [renovated to house the GWU president. Every [U.S.] president from when the club opened around the early 1930s until it closed in 1999 spent some time in that club. My wife, Diane, and I had a luncheon there for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for President Obama’s first inauguration. We ate around a dining room table once owned by Ulysses S. Grant.

Local artist to collect

“Clarice Smith. Her work is extraordinarily vivid, both still-lifes and portraits — and portraits of horses. Those aren’t equestrian paintings, they’re really almost portraits of horses. They’re very powerful, charging at you, and the individual personality of these animals is expressed in her portraiture.”

Weekend getaway

“We have a working sheep farm in Baltimore County. Recently we haven’t been having lambs being born. It’s a little bit of a nursing home for aging sheep.”

Earl A. “Rusty” Powell III, Director of the National Gallery of Art

Place to people-watch

“Union Station. You’ve got hundreds and hundreds of people going in many directions, all with a level of earnestness that I find fascinating.”

Neighborhood art gallery

“I think Addison/Ripley is very good. I think they have a very interesting range of both local artists as well as artists from other parts of the country.”

Place to get a decadent burger

“Martin’s Tavern. They’re just a big heavy-duty burger.”

Workout alternative to the gym

“A rowing machine, which I love. I was talked into it. I went into a fitness center, out in Tysons, and said, ‘What do you recommend for an apartment with not a lot of space and would give me a full workout?’ A half-hour in the morning.”

Kevin McGrail, Professor of neurosurgery, Georgetown University

Place to take out-of-town relatives who have already seen the monuments

Off the beaten path We’re often the only ones there when we go — “The house Lincoln died in. The bed he died in is still there. Plus, the National Museum of Health and Medicine has some of the forensics of the investigation. They have piece of Lincoln’s skull! You’re saying, ‘Am I really looking at this? Is this really the bullet from John Wilkes Booth’s gun?’”

Place for a kid’s play date

“My play date is a night game on a warm spring evening at the McLean Little League, as a manager. I’ve been doing it five years. One time I had a parent come up to me and say, ‘You’re doing a terrible job as a manager. Your outfielders don’t know who the cutoff man is, in and I’m not sure you do either.’ I thought that was great. … It’s mostly boys, but girls can play, too. I drafted the most recent girl on our team. I was the third-base coach one night, and the third baseman said, ‘You’ve got a girl.’ About that time a line drive buzzed his ear. After the play, I said, ‘Yep. That’s a girl.’”

Place to make yourself smarter

“I’m going to say the Cosmos Club. I don’t go regularly, but every time you walk in the hallway, you see the pictures of all the members who have won the Nobel Prize. It’s very impressive.”

Melissa Chiu, Director of Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Museum your kids are always excited to visit

“The Museum of Natural History. I think it’s the scale of the museum that’s so appealing — the animals, the displays are all real-life scale — and the interactivity of a lot of the displays. My daughter is only 41/2, so being able to participate is a big draw.”

Place to go for inspiration

“The other art museums. Many people think of Washington as a political city, but it is a museum-centric city, and that is one of the things that interested me in coming here. Favorite is the Phillips; the Rothko Room√ is amazing.”

Molly Smith, Artistic director of Arena Stage

Place to meet new people

“My favorite place in the morning is Tryst√ in Adams Morgan. It’s the most brilliant coffee shop in the city.”

Festival you never miss

“I like the Adams Morgan festival every summer. It’s a great street festival where the whole community comes together with a lot of outdoor performances and kiosks set up outside.”

Place to take a long walk

“My favorite place in the summer is Hains Point. There is a beautiful outdoor pool that I love to swim in.

Andy Shallal, Busboys and Poets owner

Spot for when you need to laugh

“The I-395 underpass off New York Avenue NW. When you go under there with the convertible open, you actually hear the echoes. My wife, Marjan, and I have gone there and laughed really, really loud, just being kind of crazy. It’s a really cool place to laugh and scream and really kind of let it out in a guttural way.”

Place to meet new people

“Open-mike night anywhere. There’s something about open mike. You meet like-minded people, people you can connect with quickly, people who are there for the same purpose. You have a common thread for conversation to be had. An open mike is an intense social gathering. They’re not just about poetry, they’re really a social exchange. I can’t tell you the number of people who have met at open-mike night [at Busboys], or proposed to marry at open mikes. Or: a flower shop. There’s something about the calmness of a flower shop, the beauty of it, that makes you have conversations with strangers.”

Festival you never miss

“Adams Morgan Day. The amazing diversity. You don’t see that at all the festivals.”

Place to make yourself smarter

“Sitting on the toilet. I always have a book.”