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Mary Katharine Ham gives birth, two months after White House staffer husband Jake Brewer died

Conservative pundit Mary Katharine Ham gave birth on Saturday to a little girl she named in honor of husband, White House technology adviser Jake Brewer. Brewer was killed in September when he was struck by a car during a charity bike race in Maryland.

“World, meet Garnet J. Brewer!” Ham wrote on Instagram Monday. “At 7 lbs., 13 oz. & 21 in., she made her appearance after 5.5 hours of blessedly safe & awesome natural labor Nov. 28 at 5:15 am, reminding her mom this childbirth thing is no joke, hard core, & beautiful. Her middle initial is for her dad, Jake.”

[She was a conservative pundit. He was a liberal activist. At home, none of that mattered.]

“Garnet has a head full of dark hair and was wrapped in one of Jake’s favorite blue shirts immediately after birth,” Ham wrote in a message to friends.

The name Garnet has two meanings: It was Brewer’s January birthstone, and also the name of the snow-covered Wyoming canyon where the couple hiked when Ham was seven months pregnant with their first child, Georgia. Brewer, 34, died when Ham was seven months pregnant with Garnet.

The hike, she said, is a reminder of his love of adventure, from mountain climbing to running to cycling. It was part of what attracted Ham to Brewer, despite the political differences that would typically keep two young Washington political players apart: Brewer spent his career working for left-leaning organizations and co-founded an immigration-advocacy group. Ham, the editor of, is a conservative pundit and regular on Fox News.

Ham was back on air in November, and soon enough, had a true welcome-back-to-the-media moment:

Ham’s supporters, who raised more than $400,000 for the family after Brewer’s death, were quick to retort.

Ham is now home and feeling “like a million bucks.” Georgia is learning to be a big sister.

“She called Garnet ‘baby,’ dropped a blanket on her head to ‘help’ her, and stole two of her toys before going back to playing with her robots,” she said. “I think we’re on track for a great sibling relationship.”

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