Anyone game to crowd-source a supply of interesting, full lives by all kinds of women that are off the family path? Here’s the question that came to my chat:

From the July 22 chat:
“Carolyn: I am a 39 year old single woman, getting used to the idea that I may never have the family life I once expected. I think I can adjust to the change in my dreams, but it would be helpful if I had a better vision of what a happy life without a partner or children looks like. (All of my friends who don’t have families are pretty unhappy about that). Do you have any suggestions for places to look to find those models? Even books, biographies, things like that? -Trying to reinvent my vision of happiness”

This is such a vast and excellent question–“vast” because ideas for this should include not just bios of women moving on from old expectations, but also good art that features women and doesn’t feature their spouses or children, simply because that’s not what the story’s about. Apologies for such a fusty example, but I can’t recall reading Miss Marple mysteries with even the slightest regard for her maternal status. And now that I’m thinking mysteries … I’ve read only the first handful or so, but I recall the Kay Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell as a woman-centered family-is-beside-the-point series.

I don’t know why my mind is reaching back so far today, but I also recall a movie, “Strangers in Good Company,” from 1991 that was gently brilliant.
So, any suggestions, inspirations, thoughts?

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