This topics is from a question in the March 10 chat. Do you have any resources for a new parent? Share your thoughts in the comments.

“I feel like this is a broken record question– but can the ’nuts help out with resources for a new mom? I’ve looked at the standard groups in the area to no avail.

“PACE had no opening and costs more than I can afford and MOMS has nothing in my Zip code and groups close to me have not gotten back to my requests. I’ve researched stuff on Meet Up but most are centered on stay-at-home moms and I need to work to pay the mortgage, etc. I am not breastfeeding–only pumping and starting to scale back on that– so the breastfeeding support groups are out as well. I “passed” the initial PPD screening when my daughter was still in the NICU but now that she is home, I am drowning and feel like I’m failing her.

“My husband is supportive and is her primary caretaker when he gets home, which lets me finally tackle the cleaning of the house, etc. He also encourages me to get out and see my friends, but they are wrapped up in their busy lives and don’t have time to get a cup of coffee. I know I need help and not finding it is an awful feeling, so knowing I missed something. Please help. –New Mom”

Suggestions, encouragements, referrals? Thanks in advance.