Happy Leftovers Week! Because the holiday was all about feasts, here’s a little off-topic note about food. My wife has been binge-watching “The Great British Baking Show” for the past two weeks or so. After I watched just a few episodes, it occurred to me that there’s a whole world of food terms that I’ve never encountered before, and some of them could, in theory, one day make it into American puzzles. Like DAMPFNUDEL, for instance. That’s a German sweet roll, and it looked quite tasty, but we didn’t get to have any for Thanksgiving, sadly.

Don’t worry, though; DAMPFNUDEL won’t be in one of my puzzles soon. But if it were, I’d make sure you could get it fairly.

Today’s puzzle is a 132-word themeless, so let’s get right to some answers and clues of note:

  • 30A: [Phrase coined by the social activist Alicia Garza in 2013] is BLACK LIVES MATTER. These were the last three words of a Facebook post that Garza wrote in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal for killing Trayvon Martin. It’s amazing how those three words launched an entire social movement.
  • 37A: [NBA team that drafted Lonzo Ball in 2017] is L.A. LAKERS. Even if you’re not an NBA fan, you may have heard Lonzo Ball’s name (or rather, the name of his father, LaVar) in political news recently.
  • 52A: [Rose group, but not a rosé group] is REDS. Pete Rose on one hand, Rose group, rosé wines on the other.
  • 64A: [Home of Georgia’s Ilia State University] is TBILISI. Hopefully you avoided the ATLANTA trap; it’s a cruel trick the universe played on us for having the capital of Georgia (the state) be the same number of letters as the capital of Georgia (the country).
  • 74A: [Where Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a famous letter in 1963] is JAIL. Read it here.
  • 94A: [Round Godiva product] is CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can turn my attention to Christmas goodies like this one.
  • 114A: [Bit the mullet?] is ATE. As in, the type of fish, not the type of hairstyle. “Pullet” could work for this pun as well.
  • 14D: [Party activities?] is POLITICS, while 19A: [It’s 14 Down with bloodshed, per Mao Zedong] is WAR. Conversely, in the same quote, Mao called politics “war without bloodshed.”
  • 15D: [Cutting-edge technology?] is ELECTRIC RAZORS. The newest razor I bought has an odd quirk in that it won’t turn on while it’s plugged into a wall outlet, and that convinced me at first that it was broken. Or maybe my old razor, which worked while charging, was the odd one. The point is, handling an electric razor still feels like advanced technology to me sometimes.
  • 39D: [Thanksgiving dinner setting, for some] is KIDS TABLE. Perhaps a bit of furniture some of you needed during the holiday?
  • 42D: [First name of the actor who played the title role in 1948’s “Hamlet” or 1995’s “Othello”] is LAURENCE. Different Laurences, though — Olivier was the first, Fishburne was the second.
  • 46D: [Seasonal motto on “Game of Thrones”] is WINTER IS COMING. Winter literally is coming for many of us in a month, and because the next season of “Game of Thrones” will be the last one, I figured this could be the last chance I’d have to use this phrase in a puzzle and have both the TV and real-life weather references be relevant at the same time.
  • 60D: [Chicago trains seen in Helsinki?] is ELS. The elevated trains, literally hiding in the name Helsinki.
  • 74D: [Oscar winner who released several exercise videos] is JANE FONDA. Before YouTube, Fonda sold a bunch of these workout videos on VHS. Even my mother once had a copy.
  • 98D: [___ Loops Shake (Burger King treat)] is FROOT. It sounds gross to me, but feel free to tell me how delicious it is if I’m wrong.

See you next week!