This topic is a question from a reader. Any thoughts?

“My husband and I retired (in our mid-60’s) after selling our home in the city and moving to a rural area. Although I am glad to be out of the big city, I am horribly lonely and depressed. I practiced medicine in a face-paced, city ER for 30 years interspersed with months of volunteer work during domestic catastrophes and also overseas in places where there was no electricity or water. I am very comfortable being in challenging, unfamiliar places and find it exhilarating. Since retiring, I am no longer at the top of my game and cannot (and do not want to) return to practicing medicine.

I still want to see much of the world and I can afford it but I don’t want to go alone anymore. My husband is not at ease being away from home for the most part. My female friends are not nearly as adventurous as I am, or they have health limitations. I fully appreciate that.

How do I locate smart, brave, resourceful women over 40 who can afford to and who are game to travel to interesting places with me? I am at a loss. Maybe your readers have some suggestions.”

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