Sproutling launched a wearable baby monitor that can measure vital signs and provide insights on baby's sleep patterns and heart rates for parents. (Sproutling)
Sproutling launched a wearable baby monitor that can measure vital signs and provide insights on baby’s sleep patterns and heart rates for parents. (Courtesy Sproutling)

Could this new wearable baby monitor make new parents’ life easier?

Sproutling says its new baby monitor system, which the company announced Thursday, can learn and predict baby’s behaviors. The device will be able to measure infant’s vital signs, provide insights on baby’s sleep patterns and mood, and alert parents through a mobile app if there is any abnormality, according to Sproutling.

The system comes with three parts: a wearable band to put on baby’s ankle, a wireless smart charger and a mobile app. Once the wristband sits around baby’s ankle, the attached sensor will collect data, such as heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position. The wristband will customize itself to each baby’s habits and measurements, for example, the “normal” heart rate for each newborn. The wireless charging dish also serves as a sensor that measures room temperature and ambient noises.

The wearable baby monitor’s battery lasts about three days. It can be dropped onto its charging plate for wireless charging. (Courtesy Sproutling)

The company was started by two young parents and entrepreneurs, Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin, in 2012. It aims to help the growing generation of mobile parents to optimize their lives and their baby’s well-being. There are some high-tech baby monitors available in the market, such as iBaby and BabyPing that provide audio and videos of infant to mobile apps, but the company says “none are as sophisticated as the Sproutling Baby Monitor.” (While wearable baby monitors such as Mimo measure similar information about baby and also predict when the baby will wake up, Mimo requires the baby to wear a special onesie kimono.)

Multiple people, including parents and babysitters, can be granted access to the system’s mobile app. The data collected by the device will be used to predict the baby’s mood and when it will wake up from a nap. Parents will also receive alerts if  the baby’s heart rate is significantly higher or lower than normal, or if the baby rolls over.

Sprouting babymonitor app
(Courtesy Sproutling)

While sending data about their baby’s activities may stir some parents’ concerns over privacy, the company said the data is anonymously collected with a signed permission from a parent. The data will be used by the company to produce analysis and improve the product.

The company said the product is available for pre-order at $249, and the first batch of monitors will ship in early 2015. Final retail price is set at $299 when it hits the market.