After a preseason injury list that could have been unfurled on a parchment scroll, the unthinkable has arrived: The Maryland football team is finally healthy.

Coach Randy Edsall had no surprise ailments to report on Tuesday. Only quarterback C.J. Brown, defensive end Andre Monroe and place kicker-punter Nick Ferrara have been ruled out Saturday against Wake Forest. Brown (knee) and Monroe (knee) are out for the year. Ferrara (hip) was ordered into total rest before the Terps lost to West Virginia. His future, for this season and beyond, remains uncertain.

“There hasn’t been any discussion on that,” Coach Randy Edsall said regarding the possibility of redshirting Ferrara. “He just needs to have rest. I don’t know if he’ll be kicking at all this year, I’m just waiting to see what the doctor’s telling me. They’ve told me the day before the West Virginia game, now he had a three-week period where they didn’t want him to do anything. After that, we’ll see. I’ll wait until the end of the season to make any decisions there.”

Defensive back A.J. Hendy (ankle), listed Monday as the backup safety behind Matt Robinson, will make his return. Keith Bowers and Isaiah Ross should see time against the Demon Deacons, too.

Injury reports have become a controversial subject throughout college football in recent weeks. Southern California recently banned the media from reporting on injuries seen in practice, and Coach Lane Kiffin walked out on an interview session when asked about an injured player. Washington followed suit, citing a competitive disadvantage in its decision to no longer release injury reports.

Edsall is among those in favor of a standardized reporting system, similar to the one used by the NFL. The ACC mandates a weekly injury report, and the Big East had a similar policy while Edsall coached at Connecticut.

“I get tired of getting asked about injuries, so to me it’s easier to put it out there the way we do,” Edsall said. “I wish all the schools would do it. I’ll put it out there even when we play the non-conference games and just get it out there. It is what it is. Why try to hide anything? If they could make a national rule, I think that would be great, so everybody’s just dealing with it the same way, and you don’t have any issues.

This season, Edsall has followed a predictable schedule for disclosing injuries. He’s typically reserved on Tuesdays during his weekly news conference, often saying that ailments will be evaluated throughout the week, but is entirely forthcoming on Thursday once the injury report is finalized.

“I like it because it’s hard for me to comment other than the guys who are out,” Edsall said. “Once you get to the end of the day on Thursday, we have [90] minutes after practice to submit it to the ACC. It’s the way the NFL does it. I just think it’s better, and hopefully some day there will be a rule where everybody has to do it that way.