(Kelly Kline/Getty Images)

Farewell, Harrison Twins.

In a much-ballyhooed decision preceded by all manner of hype and rumor, Andrew and Aaron Harrison announced their intentions to play for the University of Kentucky on Thursday.

The nationally televised decision for the top five recruits came down to Maryland and Kentucky

On paper, the Terrapins appeared to have aces stacked in the hole, at least on a personal level. Assistant coach Bino Ranson is childhood friends with Aaron Harrison Sr., the twins’ father. Turgeon once coached at Texas A&M, and Harrison Sr. has spoken out about his admiration for Turgeon’s honest, straight-shooting nature. The twins played for the Texas Defenders — an AAU team sponsored by Under Armour, the company that outfits Maryland’s athletes — and are close friends with current Maryland freshman and former Defenders teammate Shaquille Cleare. Multiple reports had Turgeon and Ranson making a last-minute in-home visit for lunch with the father to plead their case.

Instead, the Harrisons chose Kentucky, that white-and-blue factory of top NBA draft picks led by Coach John Calipari, whose track record at securing top high school talent is better than any in the country. The Wildcats have produced eight one-and-dones in the past three seasons, including three for the 2012 NBA draft.

Enough from me. Your thoughts, on a scale of one to disappointed?