I went back and watched the broadcast replay of Maryland’s ACC-opening, 19-14 win over Wake Forest. Here are some quick observations – some serious, some not – from Saturday’s action.

(Nick Wass/Associated Press)

— On Wake’s 73-yard touchdown from Tanner Price to Terence Davis, Isaac Goins bit on a little out-and-up move from Davis, but was clearly expecting a safety to help over the top. Four Terps defensive backs were in the middle of the field while Davis was wide open on the near sideline, resulting in Wake Forest’s longest play of the season. Goins got an earful from Coach Randy Edsall and defensive coordinator Brian Stewart on the sidelines, which probably means he should have stuck with Davis.

— Price had 21 incompletions. By my count, three were underthrown, six were overthrown, and six were either dropped or went through a receiver’s hands. Yet he somehow fit that 7-yard touchdown to Tommy Bohanon in traffic between two Maryland defenders.

— After Brad Craddock’s 49-yard field goal, ESPNU announcer Dan Hawkins said, “G’day mate,” because that’s apparently what we say when Australians do things. On Craddock’s 52-yarder, punter/holder Nathan Renfro corralled a high snap and placed it perfectly. Craddock made the field goal with room to spare, the ball doinking off the red inflatable tunnel heading into Gossett Field House. Renfro took a low snap on Craddock’s fourth-quarter miss, however, and struggled to get it down in time. Craddock wound up hooking it wide left.

— On Wake Forest’s muffed punt, Sean Davis did a great job pushing on the Demon Deacons blocker, moving him right into the vision of the returner.

— We probably should be talking more about Darin Drakeford. He’s bringing consistent pressure off the edge and is a dangerous force on that Maryland front seven. According to Edsall, he finished with six quarterback hurries and one sack.

— Maryland’s first-half touchdown drive almost never happened. It began with two ugly plays, an incomplete pass to Kevin Dorsey and a missed zone read when the running back never showed, so Hills took a keeper up the middle. But another levitation effort by Stefon Diggs and a Pickett third-down conversion extended the drive. Maryland entered the series 0 for 7 on third downs and picked up two conversions. Then, with a two-tight end set, Dorsey got the defensive back to bite on a double move and was wide open for a 33-yard score.

— Seemed to be some friendly jawing going on between Diggs and Wake Forest corner Kevin Johnson, a Clarksville, Md., native. Continued into the Twittersphere, too:

— How impressive was that goal-line stand? Wake Forest was 13 of 13 on red-zone scoring opportunities entering the game, including 11 touchdowns. The tackle got credited to Bradley Johnson, but Dexter McDougle and Demetrius Hartsfield were clearly the Terps who blew up Harris on fourth down.

— How the broadcasters managed to turn a shot of Jim Henson’s statue into a one-liner about the football game: “It’s not easy being green … It’s not easy moving the football either!” Sure, why not.

— Speaking of the announcers, here’s what they said right before Diggs had his 63-yard reception: “Stefon Diggs, pretty silent in this second half.” If you want to watch that play again, here you go:

— Two screenshots for your enjoyment. The first, of Diggs acting like an airplane after that reception:

— The screenshot of Hartsfield doing his best A.J. Francis sack celebration imitation:

— Anything I missed? What did you folks take away from the game? Drop it in the comments.