(Associated Press)

Maryland Coach Randy Edsall turned some heads when he dropped a parable during his weekly Tuesday news conference. 

I’ll explain…

The question, innocently enough, was about the team’s mood, and whether the atmosphere around Byrd Stadium had turned sour since Saturday’s heartbreaking 20-18 loss on Homecoming to N.C. State and the revelation that quarterback Perry Hills had suffered a season-ending ACL injury.

First, Edsall said this:

“There’s no gloom around here. If you see our kids, they’re not down in the dumps.”

It’s like the mule in the well, he said.

Sure it is. Care to elaborate? 

A mule, as the tale goes, has fallen into an empty well. A farmer, hearing the mule’s groans from beneath the earth, decides to end his beloved animal’s misery and orders that the well be filled with dirt.

Initially, the mule was devastated, being buried alive in a well and all. But this was a resilient mule. Each time dirt struck his back, he shook it off and stepped up. Before long, the mule had risen to the top of the well, and stepped right out, free to walk another day.

And that, dear readers, is why the Terps are focused on getting a third ACC victory Saturday at Boston College, and not lamenting the injuries or losses.