When Kevin Glover first arrived at Maryland in 1981, the Terrapins football team was headquartered in the building that later became the Varsity Team House. What is now a  weight room was a basketball court, and the current locker rooms were meeting spaces.

Things are looking different these days in the building nestled between Byrd Stadium and the practice fields, especially with the Tuesday’s dedication of the M Club Performance Center, which features an upgraded weight room and sports medicine facilities within the building.

Glover, a former Maryland offensive lineman who later became a three-time NFL Pro Bowler, came on as the executive director of the M Club less than two months ago, though the project had already been in the works since April. The M Club, a booster group comprising former Maryland letter-winners whose mission is “athletes helping athletes,” raised “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from events and its members, according to Glover, to make this happen. 

A stipulation in the contract states that if another donor comes along or Maryland decides to build another facility, the naming rights for the M Club Performance Center will be transferred to another room with comparable donation value, Glover said. 

“That’s very key,” Glover said. “You’re talking a good amount of money here. If we have a donor or a supporter come in, and they want to build a new facility, say, next year, we would welcome that, but we don’t want to turn our back on the M Club which donated the money for this facility.”

The result is a renovated weight room with new floors, additional power racks and a Keiser functional trainer controlled by air pressure rather than weights. In the sports medicine facility upstairs, the M Club helped install dual hot/cold tubs, to replace the old Rubbermaid troughs filled with 40-pound ice bags used to treat injuries. 

“This is one of the greatest moments in this athletic department,” said men’s soccer Coach Sasho Cirovski, who helped spearhead the initiative. “We said we needed better tools. We wanted to have the best possible.” 

When Cirovski used to host recruits, he’d describe the former weight room as a “Rocky” facility. “You’d come in, be like Rocky, chase chickens around,” Cirovski joked. Floors were warped from water damage, and the raised wood platforms decayed over time

“It means a lot,” Glover said. “This is huge. I’ve seen it go from a basketball court to a nice weight room, to a weight room that needed to be updated, now to a top-notch facility with the best equipment. Our student-athletes need this, and they deserve this.”