The University of Maryland spent less on athletics than all Big Ten teams except Northwestern during the 2011-12 academic year, according to data released by the Department of Education.

Maryland’s expenses totaled $61,936,374, and reached $62,590,020 if including acrobatics and tumbling, one of the seven varsity sports cut this July. According to the data, this would rank 12th in the Big Ten, just above Northwestern, which spent $61,187,691. Wisconsin, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan all spent more than $90 million on their athletic teams.

Rutgers, which also is planning to join the Big Ten, spent $57,480,304 on its athletic programs in 2011-12, which would rank last in the Big Ten.

Maryland also spent more than only four ACC schools — Wake Forest, Miami, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech — last year. Florida State ran up the biggest tab, around $81 million, while both North Carolina and Duke spent approximately $78 million.

The Terrapins’ football program alone cost $13,765,146, a paltry number compared to the majority of the school’s future Big Ten opponents, which averaged $21,145,871 for programs that include such big-money football schools as Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State. Ohio State, for instance, spent $34,026,871 on its football program/

The Maryland men’s and women’s basketball programs spent $6,334,927 and $2,906,034, respectively.

On Thursday, Maryland President Wallace D. Loh announced the creation of a commission that will study whether to use the increased revenue expected from the Big Ten to bring back some of the teams that Maryland eliminated in a cost-cutting measure this summer.

Again, the expense figures cited for this post are from 2011-12, when the seven athletic programs Maryland eliminated this summer were still in existence.


1. Ohio State ($116,400,943)

2. Michigan ($100,973,238)

3. Wisconsin ($99,962,504)

4. Penn State ($94,201,202)

5. Minnesota ($83,619,456)

6. Iowa ($79,130,558)

7. Nebraska ($76,378,522)

8. Michigan State ($73,173,261)

9. Purdue ($67,901,279)

10. Indiana ($66,834,200)

11. Illinois ($62,861,565)

12. Maryland ($62,590,020)

13. Northwestern ($61,187,691)

14. Rutgers ($57,480,304)