Don’t give Alex Len turkey on Christmas. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Pretty awesome holiday question-and-answer video with members of the Maryland basketball team, courtesy of the athletics department. Some highlights and statistical analyses below of the seven questions posed to the various Terrapins. 

Probably more than you cared to know about these players, but there are some very amusing moments. It also gives me an opportunity to wish everyone a happy holidays and thank you again for reading. 

Do you open presents on Christmas Day or Eve?

Predominantly morning except James Padgett, who opens his gifts on Christmas Eve, and Conner Lipinski, who does both. Seth Allen, Evan Smotrycz and Pe’Shon Howard all open one the night before. Charles Mitchell says he sneaks two. Spencer Barks is punctual. Presents get opened at 8 a.m. sharp on Christmas Day. 

Turkey or ham? 

Seven votes for turkey, three votes for ham; Mitchell said he likes both. Also, Alex Len couldn’t be more adamant about his affinity for ham. 

Favorite holiday song?

Jingle Bells” was the runaway winner with five votes, counting Smotrycz’s praise for “Jingle Bells, Justin Bieber style.” 

Frosty the Snowman” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” got two votes apiece, while Conner Lipinski went with Larry the Cable Guy’s “12 Days of Christmas” and Jacob Susskind, who celebrates Hanukkah, named “The Dreidel Song.” 

Real tree or fake?

Eight votes for real and five for fake. Allen was a split vote. He’s got a real one at home and a fake in his school apartment. 

Favorite gift? 

Among the highlights: Mitchell was the first kid on his block with an xBox 360; three Terps remember getting bikes; Howard went through three or four basketball hoops in his childhood; Logan Aronhalt got a Chicago Bulls locker. 

Best Quote Award goes to Jacob Susskind: “My parents just got me a nice sweater, so that was a really good one.”

Favorite holiday movie?

“Home Alone” won with four votes from Padgett, Mitchell, Len and Nick Faust. Fun fact: The main character in “Home Alone 3” is named Alex Pruitt.

Favorite holiday tradition?

Dinner with family was popular. Santa Claus apparently makes an appearance at the Lipinski family gathering, Spencer Barks chills with his dad in pajamas all day and Padgett pulled a wild card by talking about New Years.