Greetings from the outskirts of Beantown, where the Maryland basketball team tips off against Boston College at 9 p.m. coming off a thrilling 83-81 win over Duke last Saturday. As always, check out the pregame reading below, toss your thoughts into the discussion thread or find me on Twitter.

Second acts after big wins haven’t been too kind to the Terrapins this season. After topping North Carolina State and sparking a court-storm on Jan. 16, Maryland laid a first-half egg on the road against North Carolina, ultimately falling in Chapel Hill, 62-52. Now the Terps look to avoid the same type of letdown at the Eagles, which has played both Duke and Miami to one-point losses at the Conte Forum this season.

“We talked about that last night,” Coach Mark Turgeon said. “I think we’ve grown a little bit since then. We’ve become a better road team since then. With each experience our guys grow up a little more. I plan on us being good tomorrow night, being confident, playing well. We’ll see with this group.

“It’s why we met last night. We talked about it, moved on. I told them to enjoy the Duke game until they fell asleep that night, that morning, whichever it was, and to wake up thinking about Boston College, academics, whatever. Hopefully they did that. That’s why we met last night, talked about those things. We’ll get after them today.”

Said freshman Shaquille Cleare: “After the North Carolina State game, our swagger was so much. We won the game instead of focusing on the next game. I think that was a setback for us. Coach told us to enjoy Saturday night ,do whatever you want to do with it, have fun with it, but Sunday when you wake up, get it out of your system.


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