Greetings from Byrd Stadium, where the Maryland football team‘s annual spring game kicks off at 7 p.m. The players have been divided into the White Team, coached by offensive coordinator Mike Locksley, and the Red Team, led by defensive coordinator Brian Stewart.

At stake, apparently, is pride plus a meal of shrimp and steak. Losers get beans and franks.

Eight players are definitively listed as out for the spring game: QB C.J. Brown (ACL), RB Wes Brown (labrum/ankle), WR Levern Jacobs (labrum), DL Andre Monroe (knee), LS Christian Carpenter (ACL), QB Perry Hills (ACL), LB Matt Robinson (shoulder), QB Caleb Rowe (ACL). Although, Jacobs is on the turf right now running routes and catching passes.

Center Evan Mulrooney (hip) and tight end Dave Stinebaugh (ankle) have been nicked up over the past few weeks, so it wouldn’t shock if both were limited in the game or sat altogether. Both have backups (Steven Grommer and P.J. Gallo) available on their respective sides.

The full roster breakdown is below, in case you were interested. Looks like the first-team offense will work under Locksley on the White Team, while the first-team defense suits up for the Red Team. A few interesting items of note:

>> Sean Davis and A.J. Hendy, currently fighting for the second starting safety spot, are on the same team.

>> Mulrooney, locked in competition with Sal Conaboy, is on the Red Team with the backup offense. Conaboy is on the White Team.

>> Daniel Adams is now listed as a wide receiver. He was a co-backup tight end on the depth chart, but has been working out with the wide receivers all spring.

>> With Christian Carpenter sidelined (torn ACL), Greg Parcher is pulling double duty at long snapper.

>> Wide receivers Regis Whittington and Tejiri Ehrie are on the same team and both wear No. 24.

>> Game format: Four 15-minute quarters, with the possibility of running clock in the second half.


QB: Ricardo Young

RB: Brandon Ross, Joe Riddle

FB: Tyler Cierski

WR: Stefon Diggs, Nigel King, Deon Long, James Bowman

TE: Dave Stinebaugh, P.J. Gallo

OL: Sal Conaboy, Andrew Zeller, De’Onte Arnett, Nick Klemm, Michael Dunn, Mike Madaras

DL: Justin Anderson, Ty Tucker, Azubuike Ukandu, Nate Clarke, Alex Walker, Joe Rosenblatt

LB: Shawn Petty, Avery Thompson, Brock Dean, Abner Logan, Clarence Murphy

DB: Tony Perry, Isaac Goins, Undray Clark, Alvin Hill, Rashid Conteh, Zach Dancel

P/PK: Brad Craddock, Sam Retzky, Michael Tart

LS: Greg Parcher

Injured: C.J. Brown, Wes Brown, Levern Jacobs, Andre Monroe


QB: Dustin Dailey

RB: Albert Reid, Kenneth Goins Jr.

WR: Tyrek Cheeseboro, Regis Whittington, Teijiri Ehrie, Daniel Adams, Malcolm Culmer, Amba Etta

TE: Brian McMahon

OL: Evan Mulrooney, Ryan Doyle, Stephen Grommer, Jake Wheeler, Silvano Altamirano, Gary Harraka, Maurice Shelton

DL: Roman Braglio, Keith Bowers, Darius Kilgo, Quinton Jefferson

LB: Alex Twine, Marcus Whitfield, Cole Farrand, Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil, L.A. Goree, Bradley Johnson

DB: Jeremiah Johnson, A.J. Hendy, Sean Davis, Anthony Nixon, Dexter McDougle, Will Likely

PK: Brendan Magistro

P/PK: Nathan Renfro

LS: Greg Parcher

Injured: Christian Carpenter, Perry Hills, Matt Robinson, Caleb Rowe