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Maryland baseball releases intense promo video

Local video production company 522 Productions spent three days with the Maryland baseball team and produced this two-minute short, aimed to create a brand for the up-and-coming program around the hashtag #AreYouReady. Consider it the College Park version of TCU’s baseball series, featuring “The Grind,” “Quiet Confidence” and this year’s “The Journey.

The Terrapins wrap up their regular season with games Friday and Saturday against Boston College, though a 2-1 loss in Thursday’s opener likely buried their already-slim NCAA tournament at-large hopes.

As for the video, it’s filled mostly with cool slow-mo shots and dramatic music and REALLY INTENSE NARRATION. “The time is now to show the nation what this program stands for,” the video’s YouTube description reads. “Honor. Excellence. Pride.”

Here’s the narration transcript, which until the penultimate line would probably suffice just fine for a Ken Burns documentary:

This is not just a uniform. It’s a badge of honor. Every fiber, earned through sweat. Sacrifice…and determination. These are not just our colors. They’re a symbol of our pride. Every pigment infused with dedication, devotion and resolve. This is not just a game. It’s a reflection of all that we believe, woven through a commitment to fundamentals, excellence and trust in each other. This is our opportunity. This is our time to move forward, be the best and never look back. This is Maryland baseball. Are you ready?