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Documents from the upcoming ACC-Maryland dismissal hearing

terpslogoLast week, we wrote about the latest development in Maryland’s ongoing legal battle with the ACC, a Thursday hearing in Upper Marlboro in which the ACC will move to dismiss the counter-suit Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler filed on behalf of the university.

Basically, after Maryland announced its decision to leave the ACC for the Big Ten and not pay the conference’s roughly $52 million exit fee, the conference filed suit in a North Carolina court, asking that the exit fee be enforced. Maryland subsequently filed a motion for dismissal, which was initially denied but will soon be appealed.

Meanwhile, back in Maryland, Gansler filed a counter antitrust action, moving to dismiss the ACC’s lawsuit in North Carolina. Of course, the ACC filed a motion for dismissal of this lawsuit, which is where Thursday comes into play.

The head spins. In case you’re into that sort of thing, the ACC’s motion for dismissal and Maryland’s brief in opposition are embedded below. We’ll have more on this Thursday.