This week, the Detroit Free Press dug deep into the 2013 salaries of the Big Ten’s football assistant coaches, obtaining information through open-records requests and collecting it here in a nice database. The Big Ten Network also jotted down some quick thoughts and ranked the highest-paid assistants/non-coordinators here.

(Here’s the accompanying Free Press story, detailing some payroll increases. Penn State and Northwestern aren’t required to respond to open-records requests and thus weren’t included in the rankings.)

So how will Maryland’s assistants grade out, nearly one year before the Terrapins switch over from the ACC?

Their salaries, obtained by The Post via open-records requests, include the following subcategories: annual base salary, radio and television appearances, personal appearances on behalf of the university, fundraising activities and service, equipment and apparel endorsements. Everything other than base salary is listed under “Extras” below.

They do not include potential compensation, such as academic or performance-based incentives.

Name Position Base Salary Extras Total Salary
Mike Locksley Offensive coordinator/QBs $357,000 $150,000 $507,000
Brian Stewart Defensive coordinator/DBs $267,750 $87,500 $355,250
Tom Brattan Offensive line $172,125 $56,266 $228,391
Keith Dudzinski Inside linebackers $153,000 $50,000 $203,000
Greg Gattuso Defensive line/Assistant head coach $153,000 $50,000 $203,000
Lyndon Johnson Outside linebackers $153,000 $50,000 $203,000
Andre Powell RBs/Special teams $144,840 $48,000 $192,840
Lee Hull Wide receivers $133,875 $41,592 $175,467
John Dunn TEs/Recruiting $114,750 $37,500 $152,250

Tallied up, Coach Randy Edsall’s nine assistants make a combined $2,220,198, which would rank seventh in the Big Ten among those teams listed. Locksley’s $507,000 total salary makes him the eighth-highest-paid assistant — the top seven spots are occupied by coaches from Ohio State (three), Michigan (two), Michigan State and Nebraska — and the fourth-highest-paid offensive coordinator.

Some other Terps-related observations:

>> At 10 of the 12 schools listed, either the defensive coordinator makes the most or makes the same as the offensive coordinator. Locksley makes a little over $150,000 more than defensive coordinator Brian Stewart. Stewart’s $355,250 ranks him seventh among the listed schools.

>> Only Illinois and Michigan also employ specific coaches for outside and inside linebackers. Michigan’s Roy Manning handles the outside linebackers while Mark Smith oversees the inside. Both make $205,000 per year. Fighting Illini inside linebackers coach Mike Ward makes $200,000 per year, while outside backers coach Al Seamonson makes $180,000.

>> Maryland is one of two schools (Minnesota) paying its tight ends coach the least. The receivers coach is the lowest paid on five Big Ten staffs.

>> The contracts for all-non coordinators (Brattan, Dudzinski, Gattuso, Johnson, Powell, Hull and Dunn) are slated to expire on Dec. 31, 2013, at the end of Edsall’s third season. Stewart’s expires one month later, on Jan. 31, 2014.