(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Sports Business Journal published an interesting sit-down interview with Maryland Athletic Director and National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics President Kevin Anderson, just before the NACDA’s annual convention kicked off this week in Orlando.

The piece, containing exclusively quotes by Anderson, touches on all the hot topics of today’s college landscape, including realignment, athlete compensation and, on a more regional level, Maryland to the Big Ten.

(Anderson also talks about favorite spiritual books, being a “very poor loser” growing up and a possible future working at McDonald’s, but that’s beside the point.)

Among the highlights:

Anderson on realignment: 

What happened with the ACC and all the schools signing their multimedia rights to the conference, it puts an end to realignment for at least until all these contracts run out.

Everything changed a couple of years ago when they added some Big East teams to the ACC. It’s not the ACC that a lot of folks around here know.

On compensation:

I believe that student athletes should be compensated, but I believe it should be need-based. And I think that we’re going to get to a resolution where we’re going to find a way that we compensate the athletes fairly and justly.


There is a value in the scholarship. My biggest concern is that we sell ourselves short when we really don’t advocate talking about the value of the scholarship.

On that big move: 

Part of the Big Ten decision was what [Under Armour CEO] Kevin Plank’s done with his company. They’re global. You have to think global. If you don’t think global, you’re not going to be competitive. One of the things that the Big Ten Network gives us is that we’re global now, where we weren’t before.