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Recapping Maryland Coach Randy Edsall’s day with ESPN

(Associated Press)

On Tuesday, Maryland football coach Randy Edsall went through the ESPN “car wash,” which basically means he and five other ACC coaches appeared on every available radio, online and television outlet at the network to talk Terrapins football. He began with an live chat and hit on some interesting topics. He’s generated some buzz by discussing facility upgrades, long a hot-button issue in College Park. He doesn’t specifically mention it by name, but everyone knows he’s talking about an indoor practice facility.

That’s something that we know we have to upgrade and we’re going to. We’re in discussions and talks right now. We’re putting together plans and renderings of new facilities. We know that for us to go and be on a competitive scale not only where we are in the ACC but moving forward to the Big Ten, we have to upgrade the facilities. We look forward to the continuing of that process and getting a shovel in the ground.

According to an individual with knowledge of the situation, the athletics department has been exploring the possibility of an indoor facility for some time now, but those talks have not advanced past preliminary discussions. No blueprints have been sketched and no shovels are hitting the ground anytime soon. Rest assured, the talks are ongoing, but nothing definite yet.

Here’s Edsall on program differences entering year three of his tenure:

The biggest difference is I think now we have created a atmosphere of the players really controlling the team. There is more leadership on our team. And now they understand the level of expectation we have. The players are holding themselves to a higher expectation personally and collectively, they’re holding each other to a higher standard on the field, off and in the classroom.

And, of course, the uniforms:

Only see one new set of uniforms. Then we’ll worry about next year when the time comes. I think everybody will be really thrilled and excited and blown away when they see what we have this year.

Later on, Edsall went on the “SVP & Rusillo” radio show to chat with Maryland alumnus Scott Van Pelt. The seven-minute interview is posted here, but some highlights are below.

On the program’s direction this season:

Well, you’re exactly right what you just said. We were on a roll. And I think if [quarterback] C.J. [Brown] didn’t get hurt at the beginning of the year, we could have won eight games. Where we’re at right now, we’ve got a hungry bunch. We’ve got a group that knows they can win. And they know that they can go out and accomplish the things they want to accomplish. We want to get back to a bowl game. We want to get and win the side of our division and get an opportunity to play in a championship game, here in our last year in the ACC. And I’ll tell you. It’s interesting. The kids have really taken ownership of what’s going to take place. Anytime you have that, where they’re holding themselves to a very high level of expectation, and they’re holding each other to that level of expectation, you’ve got a chance to attain the goals that you want to attain. It’s just been something that’s been very special to watch since January.

On Stefon Diggs:

Very dynamic. very explosive. Very electric. A guy you love to be around because of his intensity, his willingness to compete. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’ve coached in the NFL. I don’t know if I’ve been around a more explosive, dynamic guy. When you’re talking about what he can do as a receiver, what he can do as a return guy, and then just his overall competitiveness, if he stays healthy, the sky is the limit. And he’s a guy who wants to be not good, he wants to be great. He wants to understand everything there is to know about his position.
We almost got to the point last year where we were going to put him at quarterback and run the single wing with that. Again, the thing that makes that exciting for us is, when you have a guy like that, figuring out all the different ways to utilize him and get him the ball.

On whether running back Wes Brown, cleared of all charges but still being investigated as a “person of interest” in a Baltimore shooting, has a path back to the program:

Well, yes, he was suspended by the university. Still is suspended. What Wes will have coming up, he’ll have a hearing with the university. That will determine his status in terms of going forward. He does have that coming up. When that is, I’m not sure. But he’ll have an opportunity to have a hearing on campus.