Dez Wells says the mistakes the Terps made against Florida State are correctable. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post
Dez Wells blessed the Twitter world with a question-and-answer session Thursday night, and fans got in some pretty solid inquiries. Reporters meet the Maryland men’s basketball team next week and Maryland Madness now lies almost two weeks away. And thus insight from one of Terrapins leaders. All this embed code copying and pasting was exhausting.

Here are the highlights, the too-long-didn’t-read version if you will (full tweets below):

He would store his ACC player of the year award in his mother’s living room; he accepts a one-on-one challenge; he thinks Jake Layman will break out; he prefers Cole Field House to Comcast Center and loves the history of the old building; he likes watching Kentucky freshman sensation Julius Randle; he masterfully sneaks around a question about leaving for the NBA; he loves the black “Pride” uniforms.

And because I get to ask him real questions on Tuesday (and mainly because I thought the battle would be a two-way race between Seth Allen and Charles Mitchell):