Maryland guard Nick Faust is, by nature, a quiet college basketball player, at least in interview settings. This mirrors his in-game demeanor, preferring to lead by example rather than wear emotions on his tattooed arms. But ask fellow Terrapins about his personality away from the lights and cameras, and they paint a different picture.

At ACC media day in October, classmate Evan Smotrycz told stories about how Faust will often wander into his bedroom in the apartment they share, say something completely random — like “Um, yo, your mother called. Told me to tell you to call her” — then burst out laughing. Smotrycz knows that all sentences beginning with “Um” usually stretch the boundaries of truth.

“He thinks of the most random stuff,” Smotrycz said then. “I don’t know how he does it.”

This probably explains how Faust, also at ACC media day, managed to rattle off a phenomenal misspell of Coach K’s last name. He, like every other player quizzed on it — the answer is K-R-Z-Y-Z-E-W-S-K-I; how hard is that? — had little to no clue. Most quit after the first letter. Faust went for it and, bless him, wound up with something glorious.

(h/t Diamondback beat writer Daniel Gallen)