On Monday night in Raleigh, N.C., Maryland will play its final regular season game against North Carolina State as an ACC team. The Wolfpack is 11-6, pending Saturday’s road game at Duke, while the Terrapins are 11-7, which means the matchup will have nowhere near the hype of the teams’ first-ever ACC matchup on Jan. 13, 1955.

North Carolina State was ranked second nationally. In College Park, Ritchie Coliseum was enjoying its farewell season, so “over 2000 [fans] were refused admittance” to the game, which Maryland won, 68-64. Evidently, former Wolfpack coach Everett Case refused to play in College Park before the two teams were conference foes. The Terps lead the all-time series, 75-73.

From the archives comes The Post’s game story from that night, which called leading scorer Bob Kessler a “demon from Alexandria,” said the Terps were “grabbing rebounds in impish manner,” and refers to two separate players as “ball-hawking.”

One of those ball-hawkers was 6-foot-3 guard John Sandbower. According to the gamer, he “looked like a midget next to the giant State players.”

Somehow, that doesn’t seem kosher today.

(h/t Sean Ellenby in Maryland media relations for the idea)