DURHAM, N.C. — Nick Faust has always been a friend to the cameras, posing after flashy plays and throwing up the three-point goggles on big shots. On Saturday night, during a 69-67 Maryland loss at No. 8 Duke, the junior guard outdid himself again.

When teammate Jake Layman pulled up in transition and his shot caromed off the rim during the first half, Faust soared in from the baseline, cradled the basketball and, in one swooping motion, flushed it back into the net. In the context of the heart-thumping finish, which ended with Charles Mitchell’s potential game-winner pin-balling above the hoop, the dunk didn’t much matter. But it helped inject some energy into the Terps bench during a sloppy first half and, plus, it’ll probably make “SportsCenter.”

“Was that the best I’ve ever had?” Faust asked, repeating a reporter’s question. “It was one of the top five.”

Okay, so what else is in the top five?

“Just some trick dunks I’ve done.”

Was it the best in-game dunk?

“Yeah,” said Faust, who finished with seven points, none more exciting than his dunk. “Probably.” 

Layman was equally impressed.

“It was nice,” the sophomore forward said later, exhaling in disbelief. “It was nice.”

But was it better than Layman’s dunk at Virginia Tech several weeks back?

“I don’t know about that,” he said. “It was pretty good.”