EDIT: There’s video now too, via Maryland, which is really all over this burger business.


The students arrived early, as students are wont to do before big games, and the line was already rather sizable by 8:45 a.m., almost 11 hours before tipoff between the Maryland men’s basketball team and No. 4 Syracuse. Last season, before the big home upset over Duke, they were there at 6 a.m. and received a pregame visit/football toss from point guard Seth Allen and teammates.

This season, Coach Mark Turgeon brought cheeseburgers. Then he stuck around and took some pictures. What follows are way too many pictures of Turgeon with cheeseburgers, and one of him with a birthday cake.











That’s Ryan Tommins, 22 years old today, and Maryland was kind enough to pass along a quote from him. “What a way to celebrate my birthday,” he said. “It was a great surprise. We’re fired up about tonight.” Maryland also made mention that the “first recipient of a burger from Turgeon was Dylan French … who is also the president of the Maryland men’s soccer student fan group ‘The Crew.'”

And that concludes your weekly Maryland burger update. Here, go read about the Syracuse zone.