(via James Levin/The Diamondback)

“Believe me,” Randy Edsall said, “that’s the first time I’ve Dougied and it will probably be the last.”

It was unclear whether the Maryland football coach even knew how to Dougie, or what defines a Dougie when he stepped onto the stage Saturday for a school-wide charity event called TerpThon, because I’m not even sure myself, but he ended up doing something and so here we are, improbably writing sentences that have “Dougie” and “Randy Edsall” next to each other.

The event bills itself a 12-hour dance marathon to benefit what they call “Miracle Kids,” children who have overcome the odds to beat potentially life-threatening illnesses. This year, according to the website, $429,012.89 was raised. One of those kids benefiting was named Joey Norris, who is a big Terps football fan.

Someone contacted safety Zach Dancel to inform him about Joey, so Dancel talked to Edsall and they gathered together a jersey, signed football and more Maryland gear. At TerpThon, they called Joey on stage. Edsall was there too, offering some remarks to the crowd, and handed the microphone over to Dancel.

“Coach,” Dancel said, “don’t go anywhere.”

Then somehow, this happened:

So, in the spirit of journalism, I asked Edsall about this following Monday’s spring football practice, and whether he could teach me how to Dougie.

“I have no idea how to Dougie,” he said. “That was on the fly. If anybody thought it was good, then I’m a quick learner.”

And, in the spirit of gathering multiple sources to buttress this hard-hitting form of journalism, I asked running back Jacquille Veii, who was wearing a TerpThon shirt when he addressed the media, about seeing his coach getting down.

“He needs to work on that a little more,” Veii said. “But hey, he was doing it for the kids. So it was funny. I didn’t think he was going to get up there and do that. But he did and it brought a laugh to us.”

Edsall loves evaluating during practice, and often expresses his displeasure when his players aren’t consistent from drill to drill. So, how would he evaluate his dancing?

“An F,” he said. “By far an F. I’ve got no rhythm.”

Randy Edsall is totally getting buried on the preseason dancing depth chart.