NBA players and coaches love President Obama, but the owners love Mitt Romney.

And they're writing bigger checks. has compiled a great list of all the contributions to each presidential candidate by NBA players, coaches, staff and management. And despite Obama's affinity with the NBA (and lover of the game), Romney has raised more from them.

In total, NBAers have contributed $52,650 to Obama and $70,000 to Romney, thanks to the owners.

Of the three players -- Grant Hill, Baron Davis and Vince Carter -- and six coaches who have contributed money, all nine have all given to Obama, for a total of $27,500. (Notable coaches who have contributed include the San Antonio Spurs' Gregg Popovich and the Boston Celtics' Doc Rivers, along with assistant coach and former NBA great Patrick Ewing.)

The Obama campaign also recently announced an "Obama Classic" fundraising promotion featuring Ewing, fellow Hall of Famer Michael Jordan and current star Carmelo Anthony, along with several other players. Carter, notably, held a fundraising dinner at his home in Florida earlier this year.

The players have clearly chosen a side. But they're not voting with their checkbooks like the owners are.

Of the 10 owners who have contributed, eight have given to Romney (with one of the exceptions being Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis). NBA owners have given Romney $49,000, while they have given Obama $6,100.

Among staff and management, the split is more even. New York Knicks assistant general manager and former NBA star Allan Houston has given $5,000 to Obama, while Miami Heat president Pat Riley and Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge have given a combined $10,000 to Romney.

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