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* Democrats are reinstating language recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel into the party platform. Republicans have criticized the omission, which was a departure from the 2008 Democratic Party platform. The word "God" will also be added to the platform. The voice vote to make the changes was close.

* Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel started working with the pro-President Obama super PAC Priorities USA during the last couple of weeks. The former White House chief of staff said he is “helping, not running” the super PAC, and added: “It’s that simple. I’m going to help where I can to get the president re-elected. And this is where I can probably be most helpful in the final days.”

* The Club For Growth is up with an $800,000 TV ad buy in the Indiana Senate race. The new spot ties Rep. Joe Donnelly (D) to Obama's policies, including the stimulus and federal health care law. The ad calls Donnelly a "typical Washington liberal."

* The Republican Governors Association is up with its first TV ad in the Washington gubernatorial race. The 30-second spot says former congressman Jay Inslee (D) is "a risk our small businesses just can't afford."

* As former president Bill Clinton prepares to address the Charlotte convention this evening, he enjoys a 69 percent favorable rating, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Aug. 20-22. Just 27 percent of adults said they hold an unfavorable view of Clinton.


* On Tuesday (the first night of the Democratic National Convention), MSNBC was the cable news network ratings winner in prime time, a feat which was a first for the network.

* San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, said he thinks that because of the growing Hispanic population and the influx of new inhabitants, Texas will "go purple and then blue within the next six to eight years."

* Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R-N.Y.), one of the cycle's most vulnerable incumbents, has released her first TV ad of the campaign. It's a biographical spot in which Buerkle says she grew up working in her parents' grocery store, where she was raised to believe "that through hard work, we could live the American dream." Buerkle faces a rematch against Democrat Dan Maffei in November.

The Department of Justice has approved a new voter ID law in New Hampshire. Lawmakers in the state had overridden a veto from Democratic Gov. John Lynch to pass the measure.


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