CHARLOTTE -- First Lady Michelle Obama's speech on Tuesday night drew inevitable comparisons to the address Ann Romney delivered a week earlier at the Republican National Convention.

Partisans will -- obviously -- disagree about who did it better. But, according to the level of search interest generated during both womens' speech, Michelle Obama won.

The chart below -- provided by the good people at Google -- tells the story. Michelle Obama started at a much higher mark in terms of search than did Ann Romney and while that interest dipped during the early moments of the speech (as we wrote in our "Winners and Losers" column last night) by the end of her address the First Lady was hitting search heights well beyond that of Ann Romney.

Of course, search traffic doesn't equal votes. If it did Clint Eastwood would be president and Sarah Palin would be his vice president.  But, it's an interesting measure of the relative interest swirling around the wives of the two presidential candidates.