In an interview broadcast Sunday morning, Ann Romney said her husband Mitt Romney has been "demonized" by critics as "being heartless" and sought to push back with examples of the Republican presidential candidate empathizing with other people in times of need.

"I know that people are suffering right now. And for people to think that we don't have empathy just because we're not suffering like they're suffering is ridiculous," said Ann Romney in an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press."

She added that she is grateful for the opportunity provided at the Republican National Convention to draw attention to instances in which Mitt Romney has shown that he cares.

"And in particular, for Mitt -- who really has been demonized in many ways as being heartless and for people to stand up and say, 'Excuse me. He was there when my son was dying of leukemia. He came to my son's bedside. He did all of these things for my son.' And then another woman saying how Mitt was there for her. So there's hundreds of those stories that haven't been told. And it was refreshing to me for the American people to finally be able to see the lens through which I see my husband and the perspective in which I understand how he operates."

Ann Romney also said that while she and Mitt Romney have not experienced financial struggles, challenges in other aspects of their lives allow them to empathize with struggling Americans.

"And our struggles have not been financial, but they've been with health and with difficulties in different things in life," Ann Romney said. "And one thing that I, again, like to remind people is that -- multiple sclerosis has been my teacher. It has been at times a cruel teacher. But it has also been a great gift in my life because [of] what it has done, it has taught me to be more compassionate and caring for others that are suffering."

Ann Romney joined her husband for a portion of his "Meet The Press" interview, which marked his first appearance on the program since 2009.