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President Obama's campaign narrowly outraised Mitt Romney's in August after a streak of three months in which the Republicans' campaign far outpaced the incumbent president's.

Obama's campaign announced this morning that he raised $114 million, while Romney's announced that it raised $111.6 million.

For Obama, the haul is a significant uptick from the $75 million it raised the previous month. For Romney, it's more than he has raised in any previous month and the third-straight month he raised at least $100 million.

The totals combine fundraising for each candidate's campaign committee, their respective national party committees and a joint fundraising committee between the two.

Romney's campaign says the three groups have a combined $168.5 million cash on hand, meaning they spent about $17 million more than they brought in for the month of August. That's not surprising of course as spending -- particularly on TV ads -- ramps up at the end of a presidential campaign.

Obama's campaign did not announce its cash on hand total. At the end of July, Romney had a $60 million advantage in cash on hand.