Mitt Romney isn't having a good week. But whatever problems he has, President Obama's convention bounce doesn't appear to be chief among them.

The latest Gallup daily tracking poll of the presidential race shows Romney and Obama in essentially the same position they were in the weeks before the Democratic National Convention -- and the GOP convention, for that matter -- with Obama at 47 percent and Romney at 46 percent.

Obama at one point stretched his lead in the daily tracking poll to seven points. Just six days later, the difference is one point.

The race has evened out at the national level despite a series of bad headlines for Romney, including his comments on the situation in Libya and, more recently, a Politico report on infighting in his campaign and the release of hidden-camera videos that captured Romney drawing some broad and blunt generalizations about Obama supporters depending on government services.

The latter two incidents, we should emphasize, won't be reflected much in the poll. The tracking numbers come from a seven-day rolling average of Gallup's polls, while the Politico report popped Sunday night and the first video was posted Monday afternoon.

But what it does suggest is the bounce that Obama got from the convention is essentially gone. And that Romney's Libya comments don't seem to have moved the needle much, if at all.

From there, it will take a couple more days to evaluate whatever hole Romney has dug for himself in the last couple days.