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* President Obama's campaign released a second TV ad hitting Mitt Romney over his "47 percent" comment. The latest ad also slams Romney over his 2011 tax return, which his campaign released last Friday. “Romney paid just 14 percent in taxes last year on over $13 million in income, almost all from investments," says the narrator of the ad.

* Up against a deadline to remove himself from the ballot as a Senate candidate, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said once again that he is staying in the race all the way to November. 

* Both Obama and Romney appeared Tuesday at the Clinton Global Initiative's annual summit in New York. Romney called for an overhaul of the country’s foreign assistance programs while Obama outlined additional steps the U.S. would take to combat human trafficking. 

* A liberal Massachusetts blog published video of what a report says are staffers to Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) chanting “war whoops” and making “tomahawk chops” during a rally. A local station reported that the men in the video include Brown's Constituent Service counsel. In recent days, Brown has been hitting Elizabeth Warren (D) over her claims to Native American heritage.  Brown says he does not approve of the staffers' actions. 

* Crossroads GPS launched a new round of Senate ads in four states Tuesday, at a total cost of $3.7 million. The GOP nonprofit group launched spots against Democrats running in Indiana, OhioVirginia, and Nevada.

* Former senator George Allen's (R) latest TV ad casts former Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine as a tax-raiser, pointing to his remark at a debate last week that he would be “open to a proposal that has some minimum tax level for everyone." 


* An eighth grade student has admitted to vandalizing Rep. Michael Grimm's (R-N.Y.) campaign office. Grimm said he is "relieved to know this is not politically motivated," after previously calling the incident a “politically motivated crime." Grimm's office computers were not tampered with or erased, contrasting what Grimm had previously said. Grimm defended his original assessment, saying, "At the time, when we saw three large window panes broken, following a consistent pattern of lawn sign thefts and after several locations with Grimm signs and posters were barraged with eggs, it was not hard to come to any other conclusion." In an unrelated incident, Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-Fla.) says his residence has been burglarized, but police say they don't don't see any signs of break-ins. 

* Good news for Republicans with an eye on Rep. Reid Ribble (R) in Wisconsin's 7th District race: The Service Employees International Union doesn't plan to follow through with its $130,000 ad reservation in the Green Bay market. Jamie Wall is Ribble's Democratic challenger. 

* North Carolina Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton (D) released a new ad in the governor's race, but then promptly took it down. The campaign didn't say why it did so, but a screenshot of the ad shows that it included a misspelling of Republican nominee Pat McCrory's name.

* Former surgeon general Richard Carmona's (D) latest TV commercial is a comparison ad that says he will support veterans, while Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) voted to cut veterans' benefits. Carmona is a Vietnam War veteran. 

* Rep. Martin Heinrich's (D-N.M.) newest Senate campaign TV ad says he will "Cut taxes for middle-class families, not millionaires and big corporations. Protect Social Security and Medicare – no vouchers and no privatization."

* Rep. Jon Runyan (R-N.J.) leads Democrat Shelley Adler 51 percent to 34 percent in a McLaughlin & Associates poll conducted for his campaign last week. 


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