The Washington Post graphics team has been cooking up some very cool stuff lately -- none cooler than the new campaign finance database they unveiled today.

You should bookmark it immediately but in case you need a bit of convincing, here's three great graphics from the database that should do the trick.

1. Total spending in the presidential race is now over $1.5 billion when you factor in candidates, party committees and super PACS.  And, somewhat remarkably given all that money being spent, the two parties are within $5 million of each other (Click on graphic for larger image).

2. President Obama's biggest source of campaign cash continues to be low dollar ($200 and under) donors while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney continues to rely most heavily on donations of $2,000 and above. In theory, this means Obama has more room to grow financially since all of those $200 donors can give plenty more before they hit the federal limit of $2,500.


 3. The world of major super PAC donors is dominated by Republicans. Not only have GOP super PACs raised $100 million more than their Democratic counterparts but of the ten biggest individual givers to super PACS, Republicans account for seven of them.