With only 40(!) days left before the Nov. 6 election -- and many states having already begun early voting -- the long-running debate between the parties about voter identification laws in the state is heating to a boil.

Democrats insist that the push by Republican state legislatures and governors for stricter voter ID laws amounts to a not-so-subtle attempt at suppressing the vote among key Democratic constituencies.  Republicans retort that their sole aim is to ensure that the vote on election day is fair for everyone -- regardless of party.

Spin aside, it's worth simply going through what states have what laws currently. And, thankfully the National Conference of State Legislatures has put together a national map that does just that.

That map is below. States in green -- more of a mint, actually -- have strict photo ID laws on the books while those in yellow have less strict photo ID requirements. States in blue have non-photo voter ID laws while those in gray have no voter ID law on the books. You can read more about the various voter ID laws on NCSL's website or check out this exhaustive explainer by the good folks at ProPublica.