It's that time of year -- the time when everyone gets into the business of slicing and dicing public opinion surveys. One unceasing point of dispute each season is questioning the "partisan balance" in election polls -- something that's reached new prominence with the quick popularity of a website purporting to "unskew" polls (and its satirical doppelgänger).

To make this activity more accessible (and accurate), we present the "party id manipulator." If you are fortunate enough to know the "real" gap between Democrats and Republicans in the country -- or just want to play out different scenarios -- use the drop-down menus below to set the partisan gap. Each level of party composition adjusts the results of recent polls, based on their reported party splits and levels of party-line voting.

The tool has been updated to include new polls from NBC-WSJ, NPR and National Journal.

Thanks to HuffPost pollster for a terrific catalog of polls.

(And if you are truly clairvoyant, please offer stock tips in the comments section.)

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