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* The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $12.4 million in September and has $29.5 million cash on hand, a committee aide tells The Fix. The committee spent heavily during the month -- about $20 million -- while it went after more than a dozen Democratic seats and attempted to define Democratic challengers early. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has yet to release its fundraising totals.

* The NRCC has pulled its remaining ad reservations in a top-targeted district in upstate New York -- the 27th, which is held by Rep. Kathy Hochul (D). The seat remains a top pickup prospect (it was John McCain's best 2008 district in the state under the newly drawn map), but the GOP group American Action Network just announced a $600,000 buy for the final three weeks, which allows the NRCC to pull out its $372,000 in reservations and still have air cover.

* Meanwhile, both the NRCC and DCCC today pulled their reservations for Oct. 23-29 in Philadelphia -- $788,000 in savings for Republicans and $1.1 million for Democrats. The money could have gone to any of four races: Reps. Jon Runyan (R-N.J.), Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.) and Pat Meehan (R-Pa.). Both committees still have the final week reserved, but the seats are looking safer for the GOP.


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* Mitt Romney once again promised to defund Planned Parenthood, telling reporters Wednesday, “The actions I’ll take immediately is to remove funding for Planned Parenthood." In an interview published Tuesday, Romney appeared to pivot away from his anti-abortion position, saying "there’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda."

* Indiana Republican Senate nominee Richard Mourdock raised an impressive $3 million during the third quarter, ending the period with $1.3 million in the bank. That means he spent nearly as much ($2.5 million) as he brought in. Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Pence's (R-Ind.) gubernatorial campaign isn't pleased about an attack ad from an outside group which casts Pence as an extremist and links him to Mourdock. The Pence campaign has requested the ad be taken down

* Former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson's (R) says he raised $2 million during the six weeks since the Republican Senate primary, which left his coffers depleted. 

* The Romney campaign's newest TV ad is all about taxes. The spot includes debate footage of the Republican nominee saying he won't raise taxes, and charging that President Obama would prefer to raise them. 

* Former Democratic congressman Jay Inslee's new TV ad is filled with footage of former president Bill Clinton stumping for the Democrat in his campaign for governor of Washington. 

 * Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) raised $2.7 million for his Senate campaign during the third quarter -- his most productive three-month period of the cycle. Mack's campaign didn't immediately release his cash on hand figure. 

* Independent former governor Angus King leads Secretary of State Charlie Summers (R) 50 percent to 24 percent, with state Sen. Cynthia Dill (D) running third at 12 percent, according to a Pan Atlantic SMS Group poll. The live-caller survey was conducted Sept. 24-28. 


* There are dueling polls telling different stories in the Arizona Senate race. Former surgeon general Richard Carmona (D) holds a slight, 47 percent to 43 percent lead over Rep. Jeff Flake (R), according to a Democratic poll conducted Oct. 7-9 by Harstad Strategic Research for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Meanwhile, Flake leads Carmona 49 percent to 43 percent in a poll conducted during the same dates by the Tarrance Group. 

* Rep. Robert Dold (R-Ill.) raised a district record $1 million during the third quarter for his campaign against Democratic challenger Brad Schneider. Dold faces a tough reelection fight -- he is running in the most Democratic district in the country held by a Republican. 

* In advance of his third debate against Elizabeth Warren (D) Wednesday night in Springfield, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) released a new TV ad aimed at reaching out specifically to voters in western Massachusetts, where Springfield is located. 

* West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) released a new TV ad in which he says, "My opponent wants to make this campaign about President Obama and the mess in Washington. It's not. It's about West Virginia. I sued the Obama administration to protect coal and won."

* Writing that former congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (D) "ridiculed, belittled, cut off and scolded her opponent in a manner that exceeded rudeness," in her meeting with the editorial board, the Arizona Republic endorsed Republican Jonathan Paton in Arizona's 1st District race. The paper endorsed Kirkpatrick in her 2008 and 2010 campaigns.


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