As the candidates square off in their second debate, likely voters split about evenly between President Obama and Mitt Romney in their overall vote choice as well as whom they trust to handle the economy in a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday. But (as the graphic below shows,) Obama holds advantages on two of the other six issues tested in the poll, while Romney holds one edge going into the debate at Hofstra University (follow all things debate on "The Grid").

Graphic: Erin Eastabrooks

Obama holds a 50 to 43 percent edge on trust to handle international affairs (a focus of tonight's sparring), and a 54 to 41 percent advantage on handling Medicare. Romney holds a 51 to 43 percent edge on handling the deficit. The two are essentially tied on trust to handle taxes and health care, and on the economy, still the campaign's dominant issue. 

(Note: Be sure to check out the Post's Issue Engine, where you can read about each candidate's position, endorse a candidate's views).