President Obama continues to hold slight leads in the crucial battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, while the equally critical races in Florida and Virginia are too close to call, according to a new crop of swing state polls.

Florida: Obama 48, Romney 47

Ohio: Obama 50, Romney 45

Virginia: Obama 49, Romney 47

And out this morning is another poll showing Romney closing the gap in Pennsylvania, from Franklin and Marshall College:

Obama 49, Romney 45

The polls paint very much the same picture as other polls in these four states, with Obama hanging on to a slight advantage in Ohio and Pennsylvania (both rated as "lean Obama" by The Fix), and Florida and Virginia continuing to poll very close.

The Pennsylvania poll is notable, in that the same pollster showed Obama leading by nine last month. Both sides have begun devoting more resources to the Keystone State for the final week of the campaign.

As we wrote in Morning Fix today, if Romney loses a state like Ohio, he would very much want to add a state like Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota to the list of competitive states.