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* Mitt Romney has added Election Day campaign stops in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. He was originally scheduled to wrap up his campaign in New Hampshire on Tuesday night. 

* Romney struck a valedictory note as he campaigned in Virginia on Monday. "If anyone wants to know where the energy is, if anyone out there that’s following American politics wants to know where the energy is, just come right here in this room and you’ll see it," Romney said at one stop. He also joked about the size of the audience, saying: “I am looking around to see if we have the Beatles here or something to have brought you, but it looks like you came just for the campaign, and I appreciate it.”

* President Obama rallied with Bruce Springsteen in Madison, Wis., Monday morning. "We have come too far to turn back now. We've come too far to let our hearts grow faint. Now is the time to keep pushing forward," Obama told supporters. The president is scheduled to make his final campaign stop in Des Moines on Monday night. 

* Democrats have approached the FBI and Department of Justice about reviewing the activities of Rep. Jeff Flake's (R-Ariz.) Senate campaign, following complaints about a robocall directing voters to the wrong polling locations. In a statement, Flake campaign spokesman Andrew Wilder said the call targeted 120,000 Republicans and that some Democrats might have received it because of "some adult children registered under their parents’ address, voters who had moved but not updated their registration or incorrect phone numbers in the database."


* Swing state Election Day weather forecast: "Mildly inclement weather" could hit the battleground states of Florida (scattered showers) and Wisconsin (light rain) on Tuesday but shouldn't deter voters from showing up at the polls. 

* Romney cut an ad for Rep. Rick Berg (R), who polls show is in a tight North Dakota race for the Senate against former attorney general Heidi Heitkamp (D). "Rick Berg will be the 51st senator to help reduce the size of government, repeal the government takeover of health care and cut taxes on small business," Romney says in the spot, his fourth for a Senate candidate in the general election campaign. 

* Jay-Z's got 99 problems, "but Mitt ain’t one," the rapper said at a rally for Obama in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday afternoon. 

 * Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) spoke at a Romney rally in Orlando, appearing with the GOP presidential nominee at a public event for the first time since Aug. 13


Homer Simpson votes. 

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