The election is tomorrow. (It's almost unbelievable to write that sentence.)

And that means it's time for you, dear Fixistas, to go on the record with your predictions for what is going to happen.

The Fix already made our picks as part of the Post's "Crystal Ball" competition.  (You can see our ballot -- as well as those of the other competitors -- here.)

For our Fix election prediction competition, we are using an abbreviated form of the "Crystal Ball". Here's what we want from you:

1. Presidential electoral vote breakdown. Fix prediction: President Obama 277, Mitt Romney 261.

2. Presidential popular vote. Fix prediction: Obama 50.1, Romney 48.5

3. Senate breakdown. Fix prediction: Democrats 51 seats, Republicans 47 seats, Independents 2 seats.

4. House breakdown. Fix prediction: Republicans 234 seats, Democrats 201 seats.

5. Massachusetts Senate race outcome. Fix prediction: Elizabeth Warren 53%, Scott Brown 47%

To be eligible for the as-yet-undecided prize, you must submit predictions for each of the races above in the comments section below. Closest to the pin on the five races combined wins. We'll leave the contest open until 5 pm Tuesday. 

Let the predicting begin!