Election Day is an embarrassment of riches for political junkies. But, it always poses a problem for us too: How do you keep track of all the races happening in each of the 50 states?

Problem solved. Last year we compiled a list of the best political Tweeters in each of the 50 states. You can follow the entire list here or check out the map below to see our picks in an individual state. It's a combination of reporters, political operatives, partisans and just plain folks who use Twitter to keep their followers abreast of the latest developments in their state's politics. 

Two caveats: 1) These are suggestions by and for Fix readers with a few of our own favorites thrown in. We don't vouch for what every person on this list or what they write/tweet. 2) This list was compiled in 2011 so not every person on it may still be active in the state. We plan on giving it a full update in 2013 -- or any day later this year that isn't Election Day.

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