Earlier today, due to some technical problems, we only made it through about 20 minutes of our weekly, hour-long chat about all things political. That's not enough -- particularly with the 2012 election just three days gone.

So, we plucked a bunch of the questions we didn't get to answer in our chat and put them below.  Enjoy!

Q.  Joe Biden: Does he really want to run for President? Or more importantly, who's telling him he might win?

A: No one has talked more publicly about his interest in running for president than the current vice president. (Check out what he told his hometown paper today.) And, there is no question that there are a group of people -- including some longtime Biden loyalists -- who believe he has the right of first refusal in the race. I tend to think that soon-to-be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets to decide first but Biden, if he runs, could be formidable given the relationships he will have built over the past eight years.

Q: Andrew Cuomo: Would he go toe-to-toe with Hillary Clinton?

A. I tend to think he wouldn't.  A Clinton candidacy would be the one thing that would shut down Cuomo's New York money -- most of the major donors in the Empire State would be with her -- and without that cash he'd be hard pressed to even seriously challenge Clinton. (Remember that then Sen. Obama was able to mine a vein of major -- and small -- donors that never intersected in a major way with Clinton world.) Cuomo will be 58 on election day 2016 -- meaning he could wait another four years (or even eight) if he needed/wanted to.

Q: Donald Trump,Jerkwad, or complete Jerkwad?

A: The latter.

Q. I know recently you'd ranked Ryan's chances of a 2016 nomination pretty high but how do you think his performance as a VP candidate affected his profile? Personally, I was much more impressed by him before his pick. I thought he often came off looking smirky -- debate and clueless -- pot washing. Plus his social security reform ideas were really examined closely by the national media and did not seem to come off well with the public, especially seniors.

A: I think you are overthinking it.  For most people, they had never heard of Ryan prior to his being named as Mitt Romney's vice president. Now, he is a household name. That is a political win any way you look at it. For those who suggest Ryan failed because Romney didn't win, you ar grossly overstating the role any vice presidential pick since Lyndon johnson in 1960 has had on the top of the ticket. I think Ryan starts as a top-tier candidate in 2016 -- and, yes, I think he runs.

Q: Charlotte Bobcats and the 2016 presidential campaign. Game of Toss Up a-la PTI: The number of wins logged by the Bobcats this year or the number of months until someone declares their candidacy for the 2016 presidential election? For context, the Basketball Prospectus projection predicts the Bobcats will win 19 games this year -- they won just 7 games in last year's abbreviated season and they're 1-2 so far this season. In the 2008 cycle, I'm not sure about all the GOP candidates but the earliest on the Dem side was Mike Gravel, who declared declared in April 2006 -- 17 months after the 2004 election. What say you?

A: The number of months until someone declares for president. The requirements of running for president -- particularly on the fundraising and organizational sides -- grows more and more daunting every four years. That means to run -- and run with a chance to win, you have to start earlier and earlier. Heck, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is going to Iowa this month!

Q: Is your soundtrack ever George Strait?

A: Yes! Mrs. Fix introduced me to ole George. Favorite song? "I can still make Cheyenne". So good.

Q: 2016. Klobuchar? Really?

A: Why not? If Clinton doesn't run, there's a real opportunity for a woman to run -- and draw an implicit contrast to a field likely to be filled with men.  Klobuchar just won re-election to a second term in Minnesota with 65 percent of the vote -- that's 12 points better than President Obama did -- and, by all accounts, is one of the most politically savvy members of the Senate. I think she'd have to prove she could raise the sort of money you are going to need to run a real primary race in 2016 but I don't think the idea of her as a national candidate is all that far-fetched.

Q. Surprises. Hi Chris, what were your top 3 biggest surprises on election night?

A: 1. Heidi Heitkamp winning the North Dakota Senate race. 2. Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson being re-elected in Utah despite the fact that Romney won the state by almost 50 points 3. President Obama winning Florida.

Q: Always wondered what its like working with Fix Aaron?

A: Pure joy each and every day.

Q: Rank these Campaigns. Rank the following campaigns from best to worst: 1. Dole - '96 2. Gore - '00 3. Kerry - '04 4. McCain - '08 5. Romney - '12

A: 1. Romney 2. Kerry/McCain (tie) 4. Gore 5. Dole

Q. So who's got the best chance of the teams still in the NCAA tournament? I hate to go all chalk, but I personally think Middlebury looks too strong.

A: I'll end on a field hockey question because, well, I want to.  Mrs. Fix's Catholic University Cardinals were eliminated from the NCAA tournament on Wednesday after losing in overtime to the Lynchburg Hornets. (Second time in as many years the program qualified for the NCAA's!) Now that my rooting interest in the tournament has been extinguished, I can tell you I have been really impressed by Mary Washington's team and Montclair State's team.  You can check out the full bracket here