The 2012 election is history. 

What that means -- in addition to more beauty sleep for The Fix -- is that it's time to crown a winner in our election prediction contest! 

(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

And the winner is......

"BobbyH1"! Out of hundreds, you hit it closest to the pin. If you are "BobbyH1" send an email at and we will figure out exactly you have won.

Here's "BobbyH1"'s winning predictions:

1. Presidential electoral vote breakdown. Prediction: President Obama 332, Mitt Romney 206. (Actual: Obama 332, Romney 206.)

2. Presidential popular vote: Prediction: Obama 50.2 percent, Romney 48.1 percent. (Actual: Obama 50.6 percent, Romney 47.8 percent.) 

3. Senate breakdown. Prediction: 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, two Independents. (Actual: 55 Democrats, 45 Republicans, including the two Independents who caucus with Democrats and assumes Sen.-elect Angus King (I) caucuses with the party, an overwhelmingly likely proposition.)

4. House breakdown: Prediction: 234 Republicans, 201 Democrats. (Actual: If the Democrats who are currently leading in the outstanding House races win, it will be 234 Republicans, 201 Democrats.)

5. Massachusetts Senate race outcome. Prediction: Elizabeth Warren (D) 52 percent, Scott Brown (R) 47 percent. (Actual: Warren 53.7 percent, Brown 46.3 percent.) 

Thanks to everyone who participated and read The Fix throughout the campaign. There's plenty more to come as we move ahead into 2013, and 2014 is just around the corner!