Regular Fix readers know that we are BIG fans of the Patchwork Nation project -- an attempt to go beyond the simplistic geographic or socioeconomic categories by which we slice and dice voters and instead develop a richer (and more accurate) way to view the various subsets of our American electorate.

So, when we saw a map of the 2012 presidential election results split into the 12 Patchwork Nation voter categories on the WNYC website we had to have it. Thanks to their good will, it's reproduced below.  

So, for example, not only can you see how the "monied 'burbs" ("wealthier, highly educated communities with a median household income of $15,000 above the national county average") voted in Colorado versus Virginia, you can also drill down within a single state to see how the various Patchwork Nation voter categories performed against one another.

Spend ten minutes fiddling with the map.  It's great stuff. And then check out the full Patchwork Nation site. It's some of the most innovative demographic data we've found on the web.