Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) said Wednesday that he has "policy differences" with Gov. Chris Christie (R) that could spur him to challenge the Republican in 2013.

"There are definite areas where I disagree with the governor, and that's what I'm considering right now -- is it worthy of a run," Booker told Jon Stewart in an interview on "The Daily Show."

Booker said Sunday that he intends to decide within a couple of weeks whether he will make a bid. Recent polling shows the mayor would be the most formidable Democrat against Christie.

Booker elaborated on one specific policy difference with Christie, whom he called a "friend." He said disagreed with Christie decision's to cut an earned income tax credit.

Booker also discussed poverty, his food stamp challenge, and his fondness for social networking tools.

Check out the clip of the exchange about Christie below. You can view the entire interview here.